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About Us

The story of Yi Fang Taiwan Fruit Tea began in the kitchen. Our Founder’s Grandmother was born in 1920 during the Japanese colonial period from 1895 to 1945, and the teachers in school called her Yoshiko = (一芳Yi Fang). Yi Fang was married to a young farmer who worked in a pineapple farm. She brewed overripe pineapples to make a refreshing and heat clearing pineapple drinks for her husband as a respite from the mid-day heat.

Our Signature - Yi Fang Fruit Tea, inherited not only grandma’s name, but also her secret recipe. We have put the early-Taiwan epitome, historic memories and warm hospitality in this one cup of drink - using home-made Organic Cane Sugar, Seasonal Fresh Fruits, Natural Ingredients (ZERO concentrated juice and powders.) 

In every sip, you can taste the freshness of the tea and sweetness of the fruits, recreating the authentic and classic Taiwanese flavour all over again.


More than three generations later, her legacy lives on in more than 1,500 outlets in countries such as the United States, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, China, Hong Kong, Dubai and the South East Asia region.

Yi Fang is not the typical bubble tea shop. Experience the old-fashioned Taiwanese premium tea made with love & real ingredients

Visit Yi Fang – Taiwan HQ website

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